The area of Pikku-Vesijärvi and Kariniemi is an important recreational area between the city centre and the coast of Vesijärvi. The area is the most popular central park in Lahti and it's frequented by everyone from athletes to tourists. The park is easily accessible for everyone.

During the 100 year anniversary of Lahti, Pro Puu -association wanted to exhibit the venerable trees of the central park who have seen the city grow for many years. This idea laid the foundation for the Kariniemi arboretum -trail. The trail exhibits different species of trees in Pikku-Vesijärvi park and in the Kariniemi grove hill, which are known for their diverse and lush vegetation.


The word arboretum comes from latin word arbor that means tree. Arboretum is a park of different species of trees and bushes.

The different species found in the arboretum are marked on the tourist maps in their corresponding locations.

Following this link, you can download a identification map for different species of tree

After this journey you will know Lahti also as a city of trees.